Technical Cooperation Programme

The Agency's Technical Cooperation Programme is developed jointly by the Secretariat and the Member States. It is based on an assessment of the development priorities and conditions in each specific country or region, the project requests received from Member States, the application of appropriate criteria for project formulation, appraisal and formal approval by the IAEA Board of Governors. The programme also includes regional and interregional projects that are developed to improve the efficiency of implementation or to better utilize the collective experience and resources of multiple Member States.

The TC Programme is prepared, appraised, implemented and evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Agency's Statute, the Technical Cooperation Strategy (GOV/INF/824) and the Revised Guiding Principles and General Operating Rules to Govern the Provision of Technical Assistance by the Agency (INFCIRC/267), and in accordance with relevant directives of the General Conference and the Board of Governors.

The TC Programme comprises

  • national projects (also known as country projects),
  • regional projects, and
  • interregional projects.

Projects may comprise one or more of the following components: experts, equipment and materials, fellowships and scientific visits, training courses, meetings/workshops and sub-contracts.

国家项目(National Projects)

Interregional projects are established by the Agency to serve the common needs of several Member States in different geographical regions. They use similar modalities as those used for regional programming.

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